⚔ Mazarine digital specimen

Typeface created during the Type@Paris program. It was designed using research derived from Renaissance letterforms in the Mazarine Library.



Mazarine was designed to be used as a news font that could work for short texts while offering the readability & comfort of Renaissance text faces (much in the spirit of fonts like Times or Georgia). Its large x-height & contemporary proportions however, make it a lot more versatile than the usual Renaissance faces.

The letters were first hand-drawn using traditional calligraphy as model & template. On the top of those sketches, a simpler & rougher letter was drawn which favored typographic and mechanic straight lines. This precision & dryness is contrasted by an exaggerated 13 degree angle in the rounds letters, which gives the typeface back its warm texture & lively rhythm. 

Captura de pantalla 2015-07-18 a las 5.59.50 p.m..png


The main purpose of the typeface was to create a readable roman with a crisp texture. In order to do that, Mazarine draws its bowl terminals & tails from xixth century Scotch typefaces. The building blocks of the typeface are straight lines but also perfect circles, which can be seen on the way the bowls are constructed. This rationalization of the Renaissance letterforms makes the shapes feel a lot more fresh. 

Mazarine comes in four weights & contains old style figures.


Hamburgefonstiv, type to test!